Spurs take to the field while the home fans chant

Tottenham Chants: The Songs of North London’s Faithful Fans

The hectoring sound of coordinated Tottenham chants and songs generates an electric atmosphere under the towering steel roof of Tottenham Hotspur Stadium. For the loyal Spurs faithful, chanting represents far more than just making noise during matches – it symbolises their lifelong allegiance to the club. Through vocal coordination and passionately penned lyrics, the crowds of white, navy blue and yellow-clad supporters produce a deafening wall of sound that reverberates around the arena.

Club Information
Tottenham Hotspur F.C.
Ground: Tottenham Hotspur Stadium
League: English Premier League
Home Attendance: 61,743 (On Average)
Mascot: Chirpy the Cockerel

The Chants of the Spurs Faithful

Hours before kick-off, the areas surrounding the stadium fill up with boisterous fans adorned in Spurs jerseys and scarves, soaking up the pre-match anticipation. As the stands fill up, the hum of isolated songs and chants gradually builds among the supporters. The South and East stands, housing the most diehard fans, belt out a wide array of songs from their extensive repertoire. The chanting reaches fever pitch when the teams emerge for kickoff. During matches, the soaring stands join together in song to praise heroes like Harry Kane while taunting opponents like Arsenal and Chelsea. Defiant chanting roars Tottenham forward in adversity.

The booming cacophony makes the new stadium reverberate and intimidates visiting teams. After the final whistle, the crowds fittingly serenade their heroes as Queen’s “We are the Champions” rings around the arena. For Spurs supporters, chanting symbolises generations of devotion to their beloved Lilywhites. Their vocal creativity weaves an atmosphere that intimidates opponents and encapsulates the rhythm of the beautiful game in North London. The chanting echoes far beyond the stadium walls, reflecting the immovable loyalty of the Spurs faithful.

Popular Spurs Chants

Oh When the Spurs Go Marching In

  • About: Pre-match and in-game anthem
  • Lyrics: “Oh when the Spurs go marching in, I wanna be in that number, Oh when the Spurs go marching in”
  • Tune: “When the Saints Go Marching In”
  • Context: Sung since the 1960s, it is intrinsically linked to the club and sung before games and after goals.

The famous gospel tune is belted out passionately before games and after goals, making it an integral part of the Spurs experience.

Harry Kane, He’s One of Our Own

  • About: Tribute to star striker Harry Kane
  • Lyrics: “Harry Kane, he’s one of our own”
  • Tune: “He’s One of Our Own”
  • Context: Sung in praise of homegrown striker Harry Kane and his goalscoring feats.

This adaptation of the famous Manchester City chant pays homage to star academy product Harry Kane.

Glory Glory Tottenham Hotspur

  • About: Celebrating past glories
  • Lyrics: “Glory glory Tottenham Hotspur, Glory glory Tottenham Hotspur, Glory glory Tottenham Hotspur, And the Spurs go marching on”
  • Tune: “The Battle Hymn of the Republic”
  • Context: Sung since the 1960s, it recalls past cup triumphs.

This adaptation of the Civil War tune recalls the glory days of Bill Nicholson and Danny Blanchflower.

Ossie’s Going to Wembley

  • About: Song for Ossie Ardiles in 1981 FA Cup run
  • Lyrics: “Ossie’s going to Wembley, his knees have gone all trembly”
  • Tune: “Knees Up Mother Brown”
  • Context: Popularised during Tottenham’s 1981 FA Cup win under Ossie Ardiles.

This humorous chant sung to the tune of “Knees Up Mother Brown” praises Ardiles’ FA Cup run.

Nice One Sonny

  • About: Applauding forward Son Heung-min
  • Lyrics: “Nice one Sonny, nice one Son, nice one Sonny, let’s have another one”
  • Tune: “Go West” by the Village People
  • Context: Song created recently to praise forward Son Heung-min.

This catchy chant sung to the Village People’s “Go West” tune pays tribute to Son’s goalscoring exploits.

Harry Kane!

  • About: Celebrating a Harry Kane goal
  • Lyrics: “Harry Kane! He scores again! Harry Kane! He scores again!”
  • Tune: “Tom Hark” by The Piranhas
  • Context: Sung when star striker Harry Kane scores a goal.

This simple chant sung to the tune of “Tom Hark” erupts whenever Golden Boot winner Kane hits the back of the net.

Stand up if you hate Arsenal

  • About: Taunting bitter rivals Arsenal
  • Lyrics: “Stand up if you hate Arsenal”
  • Context: Sung frequently to mock despised North London rivals Arsenal.

Spurs fans taunt Gunners’ supporters by demanding they stand up if they hate Arsenal.

Chelsea Rent Boys

  • About: Insulting London rivals Chelsea
  • Lyrics: “Chelsea rent boys”
  • Context: Derogatory chant aimed at fellow London club Chelsea.

A provocative chant labelling Chelsea fans as rent boys. Sung when playing The Blues.

Heung-Min Son’s Magic

  • About: Praising winger Heung-Min Son
  • Lyrics: “Heung-Min Son’s magic, he wears a magic hat, and when he saw the blue shite (Chelsea), he said “I’m having that”
  • Tune: “Knees Up Mother Brown”
  • Context: Chant using “Knees Up Mother Brown” tune to praise Son and insult Chelsea.

This song praises South Korean winger Son while taunting rivals Chelsea.

We’ve Got Dele Alli

  • About: Honoring midfielder Dele Alli
  • Lyrics: “We’ve got Dele Alli, I just don’t think you understand, He runs down the wing for me, He scores goals when he can, We’ve got Dele Alli”
  • Tune: “La Bamba”
  • Context: Adapted from the “La Bamba” tune to serenade star midfielder Dele Alli.

Spurs fans rejoice in the talents of midfielder Dele Alli through this catchy terrace chant.

Eric Dier, He Scores When He Wants

  • About: Applauding midfielder Eric Dier
  • Lyrics: “Eric Dier, he scores when he wants”
  • Tune: “Robin Van Persie” chant
  • Context: Adaptation of RVP chant praising midfielder Eric Dier’s goalscoring.

Sung to the popular Robin van Persie tune, this one celebrates Dier’s goalscoring touch.

The Never-Ending Songs of the Spurs Faithful

Singing with passionate fervour comes naturally to Tottenham Hotspur supporters. During matches, a deafening wall of sound reverberates around the stadium as their voices unite in rousing chorus. The white wall of noise generated by the home fans helps roar Tottenham forward, intimidating opponents while inspiring their own players. Their deafening chants echo the stories, emotions, and memories that characterise the rich heritage of Tottenham Hotspur Football Club.

Through their carefully crafted chants, tifos, displays, and non-stop singing, Spurs fans produce an electric, hostile atmosphere that unsettles opposing teams. Their voices come together as one, transcending the role of passive spectators. For Tottenham supporters, chants represent far more than mere noise – they symbolise their lifelong loyalty to the Lilywhite shirt. Their vocal creativity sets the tempo for the beautiful game in North London.

Wrapping It Up

The unrelenting Tottenham chants and singing from the stands encapsulates what it means to be a loyal Tottenham Hotspur supporter. Win or lose, their voices never stop reverberating with passion inside the magnificent arena. Their choirs of coordinated chants tell stories of glory, heartbreak, loyalty and love – all part of the emotional rollercoaster of following Spurs. The deafening sound reflects the commitment and devotion passed down from generation to generation of long-suffering but loyal followers. For the Spurs faithful, supporting the Lilywhites is not just a hobby – it’s a way of life. Their voices unite to produce a truly special matchday atmosphere under the towering steel beams of their state-of-the-art home.

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