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Crystal Palace FC Chants: Hear the Deafening Roar at Selhurst Park

The thunderous noise generated by Crystal Palace FC chants from supporters creates an intimidating atmosphere inside Selhurst Park. The home fans whip up a din that echoes around the historic stadium, driving on their heroes in red and blue. This is a loyal fanbase steeped in tradition, passing down chants through the generations. When the Holmesdale Road stand starts to sing, opponents face a vociferous wall of sound.

Club Information
Crystal Palace F.C.
Ground: Selhurst Park
League: Premier League
Home Attendance: 25,000
Mascot: Kayla the Eagle

Popular Crystal Palace Chants

“Glad All Over”

  • About: Adopted Palace anthem
  • Tune: “Glad All Over” by The Dave Clark Five
  • Context: Based on the 1960s hit, this is sung before games and after victories.

The sound of this passionate rendition engulfs Selhurst Park, signalling the fans’ arrival.

“Palace Till I Die”

  • About: Pledging loyalty
  • Tune: “Land of Hope and Glory”
  • Context: Sung to the anthemic Land of Hope and Glory tune, this promises lifelong loyalty.

An emotionally charged declaration of devotion to their beloved club.

“One Frank Baines”

  • About: Celebrating club stalwart Frank Baines
  • Tune: “Guantanamera”
  • Context: Adapted from the Cuban folk song to honour loyal servant Frank Baines.

Joyful appreciation for the man who made 215 league appearances in the 70s and 80s.

“He’s One of Our Own”

  • About: Saluting an academy graduate
  • Tune: “Go West” by Village People
  • Context: Sung proudly when a youth player graduates to the first team.

Highlights a sense of immense pride when one of their own breaks through.

“Andy Johnson’s Red n’ Blue Army”

  • About: Tribute to Andy Johnson
  • Tune: “When the Saints…”
  • Context: Honouring club icon Johnson who led them to promotion in 2004.

Celebrating their goalscoring hero who lifted them up to the Premier League.

“Conor Wickham Baby”

  • About: Praise for Connor Wickham
  • Tune: “Baby” by Justin Bieber
  • Context: Adapted for the prodigious youth prospect Connor Wickham.

Fans reworked a pop hit into an affectionate chant for the talented teenager.

“He’s Just Too Good for You”

  • About: Taunting opposition defenders
  • Context: Aimed at frustrated defenders who can’t stop Palace’s attackers.

Gleefully reminding opponents that Palace’s strikers are simply too good.

“2-0 and Ya F****d it Up”

  • About: Mocking opponents blowing a lead
  • Context: Dishing out the stick when Palace overturn a 2-0 deficit to win.

Humorously deriding the opposing team for surrendering a commanding lead.

“Shaun Derry”

  • About: Tribute to midfielder Shaun Derry
  • Tune: Volare by Dean Martin
  • Context: Honouring the hard-tackling midfielder to the tune of Dean Martin’s classic.

Fondly celebrating the tenacious Derry who was the heartbeat of the team.

“Julian Speroni”

  • About: Praise for goalkeeper Julian Speroni
  • Tune: “We’ve Got Speroni”
  • Context: Honouring Palace legend Speroni who played over 400 games in goal.

A chant sung loudly whenever the Argentine keeper made an acrobatic save.

The Chants of the Palace Faithful

Hours before kick-off, the streets surrounding Selhurst Park fill with scarves, shirts and sounds of chanting. As the stands fill up, the noise builds to a crescendo. The powerful chorus of “Glad All Over” rings around the ground – the signal that it’s time for football.

Once the match starts, the relentless wall of sound generated by the Holmesdale Road stand rings in the ears of opponents. Palace fans act as a twelfth man, roaring their team on and intimidating the opposition. After the final whistle, win or lose, the fans serenade their heroes with appreciative chants.

Through good times and bad, Palace supporters sing with humour, creativity and passion – just as previous generations did. Their chanting shows devotion passed down from father to son, mother to daughter.

The Never-Ending Songs of the Palace Faithful

Selhurst Park’s hymns have provided the soundtrack through the ages. The wall of noise spurs players over the line during crunch matches. In times of adversity, defiant choruses ring out undaunted by the scoreline.

Palace fans assimilate new heroes into terrace folklore through creative chants. They sing with unbridled passion – celebrating the shirt through both agony and ecstasy. Through administration and relegation, their voices never wavered in loyalty.

Their chanting reflects the soul of this historic South London club. Songs echo tales of stalwarts like Vince Hilaire, legends like Ian Wright and local lads turned Eagles. Palace supporters know who they are, and voice their pride and ideals through rousing choruses familiar only to them.

Wrapping It Up

The sound of twenty-five thousand Palace fans in full voice delivering Crystal palace FC chants creates an intimidating cacophony. Their famous chants like “Glad All Over” transform Selhurst Park into a bear pit.

Club legend Alan Pardew said it best: “The power generated by our fans gives us an extra edge. Their noise intimidates opponents while encouraging our players to give that extra five per cent.”

During crunch ties, the relentless wall of sound from the Holmesdale Road Stand roars on the Eagles in their quest for victory. For Palace fans, singing together channels passion from the terraces to the pitch. Their voices ring out with humour, creativity and loyalty – providing the perfect soundtrack to this historic club.

Famous Crystal Palace Supporters

  • Jo Brand – Comedian
  • Susanna Reid – TV presenter
  • Eddie Izzard – Comedian/Actor
  • Bill Nighy – Actor
  • Kevin Day – Comedian


What are Palace’s most famous fan chants?

Palace’s best-known chants are “Glad All Over”, “Palace Till I Die” and “One Frank Baines”. These capture the spirit of the club.

How does Selhurst Park’s atmosphere intimidate?

The noisy home support makes life difficult for opponents. The wall of sound from the Holmesdale Stand disrupts visiting teams.

Why is chanting so integral to Palace fans?

Singing together shows unwavering loyalty and solidarity. It’s a long-standing tradition passed down through generations.

What’s the story behind “Glad All Over”?

Adapted from the Dave Clark Five hit, it’s now synonymous with Palace. Fans sing it pre-match and after wins.

How do new players get welcomed in song?

Fans chant “He’s one of our own” to proudly hail academy graduates making their debut.

What do humorous chants show about these fans?

Songs like “2-0 and Ya F****d it Up” highlight their sense of humour and resilience.

How did Andy Johnson inspire terrace anthems?

Palace fans honoured their idol with “Andy Johnson’s Red n’ Blue Army” during his goal-filled years.

Why does chanting mean so much to Palace fans?

Singing together has endured through eras and evokes Selhurst Park’s unique, intimate atmosphere.

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