Everton fans warm up for chanting a a home match

Everton Football Chants: Hear the Deafening Roar

The thunderous noise generated by Everton football chants delivered by their supporters creates an intimidating din inside historic Goodison Park. Evertonians whip up a deafening wall of sound that echoes around the tight confines of their iconic home. This is a loyal fanbase steeped in history, passing down songs through generations. When the Gwladys Street stand starts to sing, opponents face a vociferous onslaught of sound.

Club Information
Everton F.C.
Ground: Goodison Park
League: Premier League
Home Attendance: 39,000 (average)
Mascot: Dixie the Toffees Terrier

Fan Popular Everton Football Chants

“Z Cars Theme”

  • About: Adopted Everton anthem
  • Tune: “Z Cars Theme” TV song
  • Context: Iconic TV theme tune played pre-match to signal the Toffees’ arrival.

The nostalgic melody engulfs Goodison, sparking anticipation among fans.

“Forever Everton”

  • About: Pledging eternal loyalty
  • Tune: “Land of Hope and Glory”
  • Context: Sung proudly to the anthemic “Land of Hope and Glory” tune.

An emotional declaration of a lifelong devotion to their beloved club.

“Allez Allez Allez”

  • About: Modern terrace chant
  • Tune: “L’Estaca” by Lluis Llach
  • Context: Adopted from Napoli fans as a simple but effective chant.

An energetic chorus chanted in unison to create an intense atmosphere.

“Sheedy’s Blue and White Army”

  • About: Tribute to Kevin Sheedy
  • Tune: “Here we go”
  • Context: Honouring 80s legend Sheedy who scored many crucial goals.

Celebrating the Irish midfielder’s clinical left foot.

“Duncan Ferguson”

  • About: Worship of Duncan Ferguson
  • Context: Repeating their legendary striker’s name in adulation.

Idolizing their talismanic Scot who terrorised defenders.

“Toffee Fan, Toffee Fan”

  • About: Celebrating being an Everton fan
  • Tune: “Go West” by Village People
  • Context: Adapted from the 1970s Village People hit to express pride in supporting Everton.

A bouncing, upbeat chant about loving following the Toffees.

“Er, Er, Er, Er”

  • About: Taunting rivals Liverpool
  • Tune: “You’ll Never Walk Alone”
  • Context: Mocking Liverpool’s famous Gerard Houllier quote said in Scouse accent.

Humorously deriding their Merseyside rivals.

“Tim Cahill, Tim Cahill”

  • About: Chanting their Australian hero’s name
  • Context: Worship of beloved Aussie midfielder Tim Cahill.

Fans chanting the name of their formidable attacking midfielder.

The Never-Ending Songs of the Toffees Faithful

Goodison Park’s famous tunes have provided the soundtrack through the ages. The wall of noise can lift Everton during crunch encounters. In times of adversity, defiant choruses ring out unperturbed by the scoreline.

Evertonians honour past heroes like Kendall, Latchford and Sharp through witty terrace tributes. They sing with passion through agony and ecstasy as one tight-knit Toffees family.

Their songs reflect the highs and lows of following Everton down the generations. Tales of league titles, FA Cup glory, derby joy and relegation heartache. Though adversity has hit hard at times, their spirit remains undimmed.

The choruses continue to proudly reverberate around Goodison just as they did for their grandfathers before them. The impassioned sounds of the Gwladys Street choir is the beating heart that sustains this historic club.

Final Thoughts

The sheer volume generated by thousands of impassioned Evertonians creates a cacophony of noise and resistance. Famous Goodison ditties like “Z Cars Theme” transform the stadium into an intimidating bear pit.

As club legend Graeme Sharp said: “When Goodison is rocking, it gives us an extra edge. The noise frightens opponents.”

During vital encounters, the Gwladys Street stand’s endless wall of sound roars on the Toffees in their relentless pursuit of victory. For Everton fans, chanting together channels passion from the terraces onto the pitch. Their voices ring out with humour, pride and loyalty – providing the ideal soundtrack to this great club’s storied history.

Famous Everton Supporters

  • Sylvester Stallone – Hollywood actor
  • Sir Paul McCartney – Musician
  • Liz McClarnon – Singer
  • Andrew Flintoff – Ex-England cricketer
  • Claire Sweeney – TV personality


What are Everton’s most iconic fan chants?

Everton’s most famous chants are “Z Cars Theme” and “Forever Everton”. These songs are intrinsic to their identity.

How does Goodison Park’s atmosphere intimidate opponents?

The extremely loud and hostile atmosphere makes life difficult for away teams. The wall of noise also disrupts them.

Why is chanting so integral to being an Everton fan?

Singing together shows unwavering devotion. It’s a long-standing tradition passed down through generations.

What’s the history behind the “Z Cars” theme song?

Adopted from the TV show’s theme tune in the 1960s. It still plays pre-match to signal kickoff.

How do Everton fans honour new idols?

By chanting their name repeatedly, as they did with Duncan Ferguson and Tim Cahill.

What do funny chants like “Er, Er, Er” show about supporters?

It highlights their humour and wit. Also their passion for the club and beating Liverpool.

How did Kevin Sheedy inspire Goodison Park chants?

Fans honoured him with “Sheedy’s Blue and White Army” celebrating his clinical left foot.

Why does chanting matter so much to Evertonians?

Singing together displays unity, solidarity and eternal loyalty to the club colours.

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