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Join in with iconic England Football Chants and Anthems

The deafening roar of thousands of England football chants ringing out as one intimidates rivals and energizes the Three Lions. For decades, coordinated songs have showcased their undying passion and support. This article explores how England chants like “Three Lions” and “Don’t Take Me Home” tell stories of hope, pain and devotion through generations. Learn the origins of iconic anthems and the creativity of new viral hits. Discover how England’s twelfth man on the pitch uses carefully crafted chants to inspire the team to victory. Their voices reflect an unwavering devotion that will keep football coming home.

Team Information
England Football Team
Ground: Wembley Stadium
League: UEFA European Championships, FIFA World Cup
Home Attendance: 87,792 (on average)
Mascot: Three Lions

At England matches, the deafening roar of the England faithful chanting in harmony intimidates opponents and energizes the players. For decades, England fans have used coordinated chants and songs to showcase their undying passion and support for the Three Lions. Hours before kickoff at Wembley Stadium, fans clutching pints, flags and scarves fill the streets in nervous anticipation. As the teams walk out, the stadium erupts into passionate renditions of classic England anthems. The spine-tingling chorus of thousands urging England onwards represents far more than just noise – it symbolizes generations of unwavering devotion to the Three Lions crest.

During matches, England fans transform into a boisterous twelfth man through their relentless vocal barrages. The 0-0 draw in the November 2022 friendly against Germany showed the power of their coordination. With the clock ticking down, a spontaneous a cappella chorus of “God Save The King” rang around Wembley, soon accompanied by the band. It exemplified how England fans use their voices to inspire the team, while showcasing respect for their opponents. Win or lose, their chanting reflects pride in the England shirt. This article explores the captivating world of England football chants and the stories they tell.

The Chants of the England Faithful

Passionate chanting comes naturally to England fans. During matches, their voices unite as one, lifting the players’ spirits and intimidating the opposition. Carefully crafted songs fill Wembley with nostalgia, humour, hope and devotion – encapsulating what representing England means.

Hours before kickoff, the streets surrounding Wembley swell with fans singing classic England anthems, soaking up the atmosphere with pints in hand. As the teams walk out, deafening renditions of “Three Lions” and “England Till I Die” ring out, sending shivers down spines. The England band whip up the home support, launching into tunes like “The Great Escape”. Fans roar outdated classics like “Vindaloo” alongside new viral hits like “Southgate You’re The One”. England’s rich chanting history collides with modern creativity.

When England attack, classic anthems like “England ’Til I Die” and “Rule Britannia” urge them forward. Fans adapt chart hits to praise heroes like Harry Kane to the tune of “My Old Man Said Follow The Van”. Defiant chanting rouses England from despair, epitomised by “Don’t Take Me Home” ringing out despite 2-1 defeat to Italy in the Euro 2020 final. Through turmoil and glory, England’s twelfth man sings with one voice.

After the final whistle, fans fittingly serenade their heroes by belting out “Three Lions” one last time. Their voices echo far beyond Wembley, reflecting generations of hope in England’s footballing destiny.

Popular England Chants

Three Lions

  • About: England’s iconic football anthem
  • Lyrics: “Three Lions on a shirt”
  • Tune: Original composition

Context: Released in 1996, it captures England’s hopes and failures. Still sung by fans today.

England’s undisputed football anthem, “Three Lions” perfectly encapsulates the rollercoaster of emotions that comes with following England. From its chorus “It’s coming home, it’s coming home” to its lyrics summarising 30 years of hurt since 1966, this song poignantly expresses England fans’ endless hope and pain.

England Till I Die

  • About: Pledge of loyalty to England
  • Tune: “Sloop John B” by The Beach Boys

This emotional chant sung to the tune of “Sloop John B” professes unwavering devotion to England, win or lose. First heard in the late 1990s, it remains a fan favourite for displaying pride in the England shirt.


  • About: Inspiring England at 1998 World Cup
  • Tune: “Vindaloo” by Fat Les
  • Context: Released as 1998 World Cup anthem

This quirky 1998 chart-topper written for the World Cup in France has become an England classic. With its catchy melody and clever lyrics mocking rivals, fans still belt it out today.

Don’t Take Me Home

  • About: England fans pleading not to go out of a tournament
  • Tune: “Bread of Heaven” Welsh hymn
  • Context: Sung by England fans at the end of games to spur the team on.

This chant borrowed from the Welsh hymn begs England not to lose and let fans down. Sung even in heartbreaking defeat, it shows their refusal to abandon hope.

Southgate You’re The One

  • About: Song praising manager Gareth Southgate
  • Tune: “Atomic Kitten – Whole Again”

This viral hit to the tune of an Atomic Kitten song praises England manager Gareth Southgate. It exemplifies the creativity of England fans in crafting unique chants.

Super Jack Grealish

  • About: Celebrating midfielder Jack Grealish
  • Tune: “Super Jack, Super Jack, Super Jackie Grealish”
  • This simple yet catchy chant sung repeatedly to a simple melody heaps praise on England’s skilful midfielder Jack Grealish.

The Never-Ending Songs of the England Faithful

Singing with raw emotion comes naturally to every England fan. During matches, their voices unite as one, transcending the role of passive spectators. Carefully choreographed chants, banners and displays generate a hostile, intimidating atmosphere that unsettles the opposition and inspires England to victory.

Their songs tell stories of dashed hopes, near-misses, love for their national team and eternal belief that the trophy will soon be coming home. For England fans, supporting the team goes far beyond just watching the game – it’s about coming together as one behind their heroes in the quest for glory. Win or lose, their chanting reflects generations of pride and passion in representing the Three Lions.

Wrapping It Up

For England supporters, chants represent so much more than mere noise – they encapsulate the rollercoaster of following England through turmoil and glory. Their vocal coordination and creativity sets the rhythm of the beautiful game played at Wembley Stadium and beyond. Whether outdated classics or viral chart hits, the songs of England fans have soundtracked some of the nation’s most iconic football moments. Their chanting reflects an unwavering devotion to England that will continue inspiring new generations of fans dreaming of the day football finally comes home.

England Football Chants FAQs

What are some iconic England football chants?

England has many iconic football chants like “Three Lions”, “England Till I Die”, and “Vindaloo”. These classic anthems have soundtracked England matches for decades.

How do England fans support the team through chants?

Fans support England by chanting songs that inspire the team, intimidate opponents, and showcase their passion and pride. Their voices act like a “twelfth man”.

Why are England chants so creative?

England fans adapt popular songs into football chants with clever new lyrics. This shows their creativity, humour, and passion.

What’s the context for the “Three Lions” chant?

“Three Lions” was released in 1996 for the Euros. It captures England’s football hopes and pain. It remains the nation’s undisputed football anthem.

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