Burnley fans look out onto the Turf Moor pitch

Burnley Chants: Singing with Passion From Burnley’s Faithful Fans

Club Information
Burnley FC
Ground: Turf Moor
League: English Premier League
Home Attendance: 20,922 (on average)
Mascot: Bertie Bee

The sounds of Turf Moor come alive when Burnley FC take to the pitch. The famous old stadium echoes with the passionate songs and chants of the Clarets faithful, creating an intimidating atmosphere under the turf Moor lights. For generations, Burnley fans have used their voices to spur on their heroes clad in claret and blue.

The Voices of Turf Moor

On match days, the areas surrounding Turf Moor swell with Burnley supporters clutching pints, scarves and flags – soaked in pre-match anticipation. As kick-off nears, the Burnley chants gradually build up among the fans filling the stands named after Clarets legends like Jimmy Macilroy and Bob Lord.

The Longside End housing the diehard fans starts the singing, belting out a repertoire of classic Burnley ditties. The chanting reaches feverish levels as the teams emerge from the tunnel with the familiar Clarets song “Glory Glory” reverberating around the ground.

During the match, the Turf Moor faithful sing with unrestrained passion – urging their players forward in times of adversity and lauding goalscorers like Ashley Barnes and Chris Wood. Their relentless wall of sound creates an intimidating atmosphere that unsettles opponents.

At full time, win or lose, the Clarets fans fittingly serenade their heroes with one last rendition of “The Pride of Lancashire”. For these loyal supporters, singing represents generations of devotion to their beloved Burnley FC.

Famous Songs and Chants of the Clarets Faithful

Here are some of the most popular chants and songs that showcase the passion and humour of Burnley’s famously vocal fans:

“No Nay Never”

  • About: Pre-match anthem
  • Tune: “No Nay Never” by Johnny Cash

The 1959 Johnny Cash classic greets players as they enter Turf Moor, sung with gusto by Burnley’s faithful fans.

“Forever and Ever”

  • About: Post-match celebration song
  • Tune: “Forever and Ever” by Slade

The joyous 70s glam rock anthem by Slade is belted out by jubilant Burnley fans after a memorable victory.

“Glory Glory Burnley FC”

  • About: Pre-kick off anthem
  • Tune: “Battle Hymn of the Republic”

This adapted version of the “Battle Hymn” sung before kick-off loudly proclaims the fans’ life-long loyalty to Burnley Football Club.

“In Ashley Barnes We Trust”

  • About: Tribute to striker Ashley Barnes
  • Tune: “Kumbaya”

This clever chant sung to the “Kumbaya” tune pays tribute to the predatory finishing skills of Burnley striker Ashley Barnes.

“We Love You Burnley, We Do!”

  • About: Professing love for the club
  • Tune: “We Love You England”

Sung proudly to the tune of the England World Cup chant, this one proudly proclaims the Clarets fans’ eternal love for Burnley FC.

“Ee-aye-addio We are the Clarets!”

  • About: Celebrating Burnley’s identity
  • Tune: “Go West” by Village People

A passionate chant sung to the tune of “Go West” that encapsulates the essence of what it means to be a loyal Burnley supporter.

“Tony Cascarino’s Claret and Blue”

  • About: Taunting Blackburn Rovers
  • Context: Cascarino played for Rovers

A clever dig at local rivals Blackburn Rovers, using former Rovers striker Cascarino’s name to mock the blue half of Lancashire.

“We’ll Sing on the Turf if We Want To”

  • About: Defiant chant
  • Tune: “We Will Rock You” by Queen

Sung proudly to the tune of Queen’s anthem, this one signifies the fans’ determination to support their club no matter what.

“Jimmy Mac Stand Up and Fight!”

  • About: Rallying cry to players
  • Context: Jimmy Mac Stand houses the vociferous fans

This chant demands commitment and passion from the Burnley players, just like the diehards in the Jimmy Macilroy stand.

“Danny Ings, He’s One of Our Own”

  • About: Applauding academy graduate Danny Ings
  • Tune: “He’s One of Our Own”

Sung proudly when Burnley academy product Danny Ings broke into the first team and scored goals for the Clarets.

“We’ll be Running Around Turf Moor…”

  • About: Celebratory chant
  • Tune: “Round and Round” by Ratt

An adaptation of the 80s rock anthem by Ratt, sung when Burnley are dominating opponents on the hallowed Turf.

“You Are My Barnesy”

  • About: Song for Ashley Barnes
  • Tune: “You Are My Sunshine”

A tongue-in-cheek love song for striker Ashley Barnes, sung proudly to the tune of the classic country hit “You Are My Sunshine”

The Eternal Songs of Turf Moor

Singing comes naturally to the Burnley faithful. During matches, their unrestrained voices unite as one – transcending the role of passive spectators.

The Turf Moor crowd uses carefully crafted chants to intimidate opponents and inspire their players to fight for the iconic Claret shirt. Their vocal passion sets the rhythm of the beautiful game played out on the historic turf beneath their feet.

Through their songs, Burnley fans tell stories of loyalty, love, frustration and hope – emotions woven into the very fabric of their beloved football club. Their voices echo far beyond the ground, reflecting generations of devotion to the Clarets.

Whether celebrating triumph or ruing defeat, the chants of Burnley’s faithful fans will continue to ring around Turf Moor forevermore. Their songs represent the true heart and soul of this proud Lancastrian club.

Do’s and Don’ts of Chanting at Turf Moor


  • Be passionate but not aggressive: While showing your devotion to the Clarets, ensure this zeal doesn’t become hostile behavior. Avoid profanity or abuse.
  • Learn the chants: Familiarize yourself with the team’s chants to boost morale and enhance the match experience.
  • Applaud good play: Sportsmanship is key – appreciate skill, even from opponents. This upholds the spirit of the game.
  • Enjoy the camaraderie: Matches are about the shared experience. Relish the atmosphere and bond with fellow fans.


  • Avoid offensive language: Steer clear of discriminatory or offensive words/gestures – this taints the fan base’s reputation.
  • No anti-social behaviour: Acts like throwing objects or causing disruptions are unacceptable and can have serious consequences.
  • Respect the opposition: Every team has strengths/weaknesses. It’s vital to respect opponents and their fans – football needs healthy competition.
  • Control your passion: Ensure your passion doesn’t become aggressive actions towards others. Prioritize safety and respect.

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