Aston Villa Supporters chanting at a match

Aston Villa Chants: Chanting with Total Passion

Club Information
Team: Aston Villa F.C.
Ground: Villa Park
League: Premier League
Home Attendance: 41,222 (Average)
Mascot: Hercules the Lion

The Deafening Roars of the Villa Faithful

The Holte End of Villa Park explodes with the passionate songs of the team’s devoted fans before every match. Their famous coordinated Aston Villa chants reverberate around the stadium, intimidating opponents while galvanizing their own players. For generations, Villa supporters have forged an intimidating atmosphere through their boisterous harmonies.

Hours before kick-off, the streets surrounding Villa Park swell with seas of claret and blue. The buzz of matchday excitement is palpable as fans clutch pints, scarves and flags, soaked in pre-match anticipation. As the Holte End fills up, the first murmurs of song echo around the stand.

What starts as isolated chants gradually builds up as more voices unite. The Holte End sways and resonates with the familiar lyrics. As the teams emerge from the tunnel, the Villa faithful erupt into deafening song. The heartfelt, coordinated choruses send an intimidating warning to the opposition.

Villa Park becomes a cauldron of noise as the Holte End and Trinity Road Stand belt out chant after chant, barely pausing for breath. The relentless wall of sound spurs on the players clad in claret and blue down on the pitch. For the opposition, the nonstop singing generates an imposing, hostile atmosphere.

Famous Aston Villa Chants

Holte Enders in the Sky

  • About: Tribute to departed Villa fans
  • Tune: “West End Girls” by Pet Shop Boys
  • Context: Honors fans in the Holte End who have passed away

This emotional chant sung to the tune of “West End Girls” pays respect to Villa fans in the Holte End who are no longer with us.

Super John McGinn

  • About: Praise for midfielder John McGinn
  • Tune: “Super John McGinn”
  • Context: Composed in 2019 to honor new signing

This catchy original composition honors midfield dynamo John McGinn, celebrating his skills and energy in Villa’s engine room.

Allez Allez Allez

  • About: Supporting the team
  • Tune: “Allez Allez Allez” by Liverpool fans
  • Context: Adopted from Liverpool fans

Villa fans sing their own version of Liverpool’s famous “Allez Allez Allez” chant to spur their team on during matches.

We Love You Villa, We Do

  • About: Professing love for Aston Villa
  • Tune: “We Love You Beatles” by Beatles fans
  • Context: Adapted from old Beatles chant

Fans sing this classic chant to the tune of “We Love You Beatles” as an anthem glorifying their beloved Villa.

Villa ’til I Die

  • About: Pledging loyalty to the club
  • Tune: “Sloop John B” by The Beach Boys
  • Context: Sung during matches

Using “Sloop John B’s” melody, this emotional chant expresses fans’ lifelong loyalty to Villa.

Tuanzebe/Hause’s Claret and Blue Army

  • About: Supporting defender Tuanzebe/Hause
  • Context: Twist on “Albion Army” chant

Fans honor defenders Axel Tuanzebe and Kortney Hause with this adaptation of West Brom’s “Albion Army” chant.

Holte Ender

  • About: Celebrating the Holte End
  • Tune: “I’m Forever Blowing Bubbles”
  • Context: Sung proudly about the famous stand

This classic anthem pays tribute to Villa’s iconic Holte End stand and its passionate fans.

Hi Ho Villa

  • About: Pre-match chant
  • Tune: “Hi Ho Silver Lining” by Jeff Beck
  • Context: Adapted song played pre-match

The 1960s classic sung with Villa lyrics greets fans as they enter Villa Park before kick-off.

When the Villa Go Marching In

  • About: Supporting the players
  • Tune: “When the Saints Go Marching In”
  • Context: Spurred on by American owners

Sung to the tune of the famous New Orleans jazz standard, this chant encourages Villa’s players during play.

McGinn’s Claret and Blue Army

  • About: Praise for midfielder John McGinn
  • Context: Twist on classic terrace chant

Fans honour midfield general John McGinn with this adapted take on the popular English chant.

The Eternal Songs of the Villa Faithful

Whether hitting the high notes of victory or lows of defeat, Aston Villa’s supporters sing their hearts out for the full 90 minutes. The carefully crafted chants ringing around Villa Park tell stories of unconditional love, frustration, joy, and pain – all part of following the Villa rollercoaster.

The Soundtrack of Villa Park

The chants composed by the Villa faithful represent generations of passion and devotion to their beloved club. Their voices unite to produce an atmosphere that inspires their players while imposing Villa Park’s intimidating reputation. Win or lose, the non-stop singing echoes the loyalty embedded deeply in Aston Villa’s DNA.

Wrapping It Up

The deafening chants composed by Aston Villa’s faithful fans encapsulate generations of unwavering passion and devotion to their beloved club. Their coordinated singing produces an atmosphere at Villa Park that intimidates opponents and inspires Villa’s players. The clever lyrics echo the soaring highs and crushing lows experienced as part of the claret and blue rollercoaster. Win or lose, the Holte End and Trinity Road Stand reverberate with the sounds of eternal loyalty – the very heartbeat of Aston Villa Football Club.

Do’s and Don’ts of Chanting at Villa Park


  • Learn the words to the chants: Invest time in memorizing the lyrics to Aston Villa’s most popular chants. This will allow you to participate fully and contribute to the atmosphere.
  • Sing loudly but not aggressively: Being passionate is great, but be sure not to let it turn into aggression. Keep things good-natured and fun.
  • Appreciate good play: Remember that football is a sport, so take a moment to applaud an excellent pass or skillful goal, even from the opposing team.
  • Enjoy the experience and camaraderie: Soak up the atmosphere and bond with your fellow Villa fans. Chanting is about sharing your love for the club.


  • Use offensive language or gestures: Offensive chants or actions have no place at Villa Park. Swearing and abusive language will not be tolerated.
  • Disrespect opponents or fans: Aston Villa prides itself on class and dignity. Do not engage in provocative chanting aimed at opposition fans or players.
  • Throw objects on the pitch: Throwing objects like coins or other debris not only delays the match but risks harming players and officials.
  • Engage in anti-social behavior like fighting: Any anti-social behavior like brawling with rival fans has severe consequences. Passionate support should never become violence.

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