Derby Cuonty fans watching the game and chanting

Hearing the Roar: Exploring Derby County Chants

Pride Park opens up with the roar of over 30,000 voices when Derby County take to the pitch. This modern stadium echoes with the famous Derby County chants and songs passionately sung by generations of Rams supporters. For these faithful fans, the vocal tributes represent far more than noise – they symbolise a lifelong love for the club.

Club Information
Team: Derby County FC
Ground: Pride Park Stadium
League: EFL Championship
Home Attendance: 30,158
Mascot: Rammie the Ram

The Chants of the Rams Faithful

Hours before kick-off, the area around Pride Park swells with Derby supporters clutching pints, scarves and flags – soaked in anticipation. As game time nears, the choruses gradually build among the sea of black and white filling the stands.

The most diehard fans packed into the South Stand start the singing, belting out a repertoire of classic Derby chants. The noise reaches fever pitch as the teams emerge to the sound of “Derby Til I Die” reverberating loudly around the ground.

During the match, the Rams faithful sing their hearts out – roaring on their heroes and taunting rivals like Nottingham Forest. Their relentless wall of sound creates an intimidating atmosphere that unsettles opponents.

After the final whistle, win or lose, the Pride Park faithful fittingly serenade their players with “Steve Bloomer’s Black and White Army.” For these devoted fans, chanting symbolises their undying loyalty to Derby County FC.

Popular Derby County Chants

“Derby Til I Die”

  • About: Pre-match anthem
  • Tune: “Sloop John B” by The Beach Boys
  • Context: Adopted as club anthem in 2007

Sung passionately before kick-off, this chant affirms the unwavering devotion of Rams supporters to their beloved club.

“Steve Bloomer’s Black and White Army”

  • About: Post-match celebration
  • Tune: “Here we go”
  • Context: Tribute to legendary Derby striker Steve Bloomer

Win or lose, this song rings around Pride Park after the final whistle, paying homage to Rams icon Steve Bloomer.

“We’re the Pride of Derbyshire”

  • About: Celebrating Derby identity
  • Tune: “Que Sera Sera”
  • Context: Sung proudly by Rams fans

This adaptation of the Doris Day classic encapsulates what it means to be a loyal Derby County supporter.

“King Kenny”

  • About: Tribute to manager Kenny Burns
  • Tune: “Guantanamera”
  • Context: Burns managed Derby to promotion in 1987

This Cuban folk song is adapted to honor legendary Rams manager Kenny Burns and his success with the club.


  • About: Derby rallying cry
  • Tune: “Seven Nation Army” by The White Stripes
  • Context: Initials yelled to the riff of The White Stripes hit

The club’s initials are chanted loudly to the tune of rock anthem “Seven Nation Army” to galvanise the Pride Park crowd.

“You’re Just a Small Town in Forest”

  • About: Taunt aimed at rivals Nottingham Forest
  • Tune: “Your Song” by Elton John

Rams fans twist the Elton John ballad to mock the smaller size and stature of neighbouring rivals Nottingham Forest.

“Super Frankie Lampard”

  • About: Tribute to former midfielder Frank Lampard
  • Tune: “Superstar” by Sal Solo

Adapted in honor of legendary midfielder Frank Lampard and his goalscoring prowess during his time at Derby.

The Never-Ending Songs of the Rams Faithful

Singing comes naturally to the Derby County faithful. During matches, their voices unite as one – lifting their black and white heroes. The Pride Park chorus uses carefully crafted chants to intimidate opponents and inspire their players. Their vocal passion sets the tempo of the beautiful game in the East Midlands.

Through their chants, Rams supporters tell tales of loyalty, love, humour and hope – emotions woven into the fabric of their beloved club. Their voices echo far beyond the ground, reflecting generations of devotion to the Rams.

Win or lose, the songs of Derby’s passionate fans will continue to ring around Pride Park forevermore. Their chants capture the true spirit and unwavering pride of Derby County FC.

Wrapping It Up

The chants and songs bellowed passionately by generations of Rams fans have become deeply ingrained into the identity of Derby County. Though styles and trends come and go, these vocal tributes endure as symbols of the supporters’ eternal loyalty and love for their cherished club. The deafening roars of Pride Park will continue inspiring the boys in black and white for years to come.

Do’s and Don’ts of Chanting at Derby Matches


Show your passionate support but don’t let it become aggressive hostility towards anyone. While chanting with unrestrained vocal fervor certainly helps spur Derby County to victory, it should never cross the line into overly aggressive behavior. Intimidate opponents through the power of your voice rather than abusive language. Make Pride Park a cauldron of noise that unsettles visitors but refrain from any actions that could hurt the Rams’ reputation.
Familiarise yourself with the most popular team chants and songs. Learning the lyrics helps you fully participate in the electric matchday atmosphere. When thousands of Rams’ supporters chant as one, it galvanises the team on the pitch and reinforces bonds between fans. Don’t sit silent – add your voice to the Pride Park chorus!
Applaud brilliant play and skilful goals even when it comes from opponents. While your loyalty lies firmly with Derby County, soccer is the beautiful game because of moments of magic. Showing appreciation for outstanding football, regardless of the team, demonstrates your class and respect for the sport.


Avoid using any abusive, discriminatory or offensive language and gestures that could bring sanctions. In the heat of passion during a hard-fought match, it can be tempting to cross the line. Offensive chanting and abuse have no place in the game. Take pride in supporting Derby County with class.
Steer clear of any hooliganism, projectiles or pitch invasions that could hurt fellow fans. Such anti-social behaviour spoils the family atmosphere at Pride Park and risks severe punishments being imposed on the club. Support Derby vigorously through your voice instead!
Don’t single out opposition players or fans for abuse. While the banter and rivalry with clubs like Forest runs deep, nasty taunts aimed at individuals undermine the values of the sport. Respect the opposition team and fans.

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