West Ham Chants: Hear the Passionate Claret and Blue Army

The roar generated by West Ham’s claret and blue army creates an intimidating din inside the London Stadium. Hammers fans generate a deafening wall of sound, amplified by their new spacious surroundings. This is a loyal supporter base steeped in tradition, passing down West Ham chants and songs through generations. When the Hammers faithful find their voices, opponents face a vociferous atmosphere.

Club Information
West Ham United F.C.
Ground: London Stadium
League: Premier League
Home Attendance: 60,000 (average)
Mascot: Bubbles the Bear

Popular West Ham Chants

“I’m Forever Blowing Bubbles”

  • About: Adopted West Ham anthem
  • Tune: “I’m Forever Blowing Bubbles”
  • Context: Their famous song since the 1920s, sung before kickoff.

The nostalgic rendition engulfs the stadium, signalling the Irons’ arrival.


  • About: Keeping the bubbles tradition
  • Tune: “I’m Forever Blowing Bubbles”
  • Context: Simple but effective chant repeating the word “Bubbles”

Fans’ way of sustaining the bubbles legacy in their new home.

“We’ve Got Payet”

  • About: Tribute to Dimitri Payet
  • Tune: “We’ve Got Sanchez”
  • Context: Reworked this Arsenal chant to serenade their French maestro.

Hammers supporters honouring their visionary No 10 Payet.

“Dimitri Payet, He’s One of Our Own”

  • About: Praise for Dimitri Payet
  • Tune: “He’s One of Our Own”
  • Context: Adapted from the famous Manchester City chant to celebrate their star man.

Proclaiming the gifted playmaker as one of their own.

“Carlton Cole Baby”

  • About: Tribute to Carlton Cole
  • Tune: “Baby” by Justin Bieber
  • Context: Adapted for their talismanic striker Carlton Cole.

Fans reworked a pop hit into an affectionate chant.

“He Left Cos You’re S***”

  • About: Mocking departing players
  • Context: Aimed at former players leaving for bigger clubs.

West Ham fans’ tongue-in-cheek response to losing stars.

“Just Like London, Your City is Blue”

  • About: Taunting Manchester City
  • Context: Mocking City’s empty seats and lack of noise.

Dishing out stick to their noisy neighbors.

“Paolo Di Canio”

  • About: Chanting their maverick idol’s name
  • Context: Worship of the supremely gifted but controversial Di Canio.

Idolizing their Italian legend whenever he appeared.

The Never-Ending Songs of the Hammers Faithful

Upton Park’s famous hymns echo around their new home. Under the lights, the wall of noise can inspire the Claret and Blues to victory. In times of adversity, defiant choruses ring out undaunted by the scoreline.

West Ham fans honour their heroes, past and present, through creative chants. Legends like Brooking, Hurst and Di Canio are integral to the club’s identity. Their songs reflect the ups and downs of following the Hammers – derby joy, relegation pain, skirting with bankruptcy.

Through it all, their passion never dims. The choruses continue to reverberate proudly around Stratford just as they did in Upton Park. The fans and their songs are the heartbeat that sustains this historic East London club.

Wrapping It Up

The collective power generated by West Ham’s claret and blue army is a force to behold. Their famous stadium anthems turn the London Stadium into an intimidating cauldron of noise.

Hammers legend Paolo Di Canio once said: “Our supporters can act as our twelfth man. The noise frightens our opponents.”

During crunch encounters, the Hammers faithful’s wall of sound roars on their heroes, willing them to victory. For West Ham fans, singing together channels passion into performance on the pitch. Their voices ring out with humour, pride and loyalty – providing the ideal soundtrack to the highs and lows of following the Irons.

Famous West Ham Supporters

  • Russell Brand – Comedian
  • Len Goodman – Former Strictly judge
  • Roger Daltrey – The Who frontman
  • Ray Winstone – Actor
  • Dean Ashton – Former player


What are West Ham’s most iconic fan chants?

West Ham’s most famous chants are “I’m Forever Blowing Bubbles” and “Bubbles”. These songs are synonymous with the club’s identity.

How does the London Stadium atmosphere intimidate opponents?

The loud, often hostile, atmosphere makes life difficult for away teams. The wall of noise disrupts the opposition.

Why is chanting so integral to being a West Ham fan?

Singing together shows unwavering devotion. It’s a long-standing tradition passed down from generation to generation.

What’s the history behind “I’m Forever Blowing Bubbles”?

Adopted from a 1920s pop hit, it’s been their anthem ever since, sung before every match.

How do fans honour new idols?

By adapting popular chants like “He’s one of our own”, sung proudly to praise new stars.

What do funny chants show about West Ham fans?

Songs like “We’ve Got Payet” showcase their sense of humor. Also their resilience in adversity.

How did Paolo Di Canio inspire stadium chants?

Fans simply chanted Di Canio’s name in adoration of their maverick Italian hero.

Why does chanting matter so much to these fans?

Singing together displays their loyalty and solidarity. It’s a vital part of the match-day experience.

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